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Our vision is to embrace and contribute to the global research effort to produce and give access to safe and sufficient animal foods for all. This involves serious consideration for the growing world population, excellence in research leadership, industry sustainability, animal welfare, and human and environmental well-being. In this process, we are tuned with the pristine missions of the University of Minnesota – to seek new knowledge that transforms, to prepare our students to meet global challenges, and to extend our knowledge and expertise in poultry food safety to all.

Our mission in this global endeavor is to use applied and mechanistic research in five research areas – foodborne bacteria, drug resistance, alternatives to antibiotics, interventional microbiology, and urban chickens. We strive towards making our poultry food supply safe from pathogenic microbes – a major hindrance to achieving the global demand for safe and sufficient food, through the application of pre- and post-harvest pathogen elimination strategies. Please see the specific objectives of our research in the Research page!

If you are interested in Dr. Johny’s research, you can send an email to anupjohn@umn.edu. We invite prospective visiting scientists, postdoctoral scholars, and graduate and undergraduate students with a passion for doing pathogenic and beneficial microbiology research. Those undergraduate students who have already obtained university assistance towards URS, RAP or other programs (work-study, etc.) are welcome to explore the opportunity.

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