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Our research focuses on using pre- and post-harvest interventions to control and/or eliminate MDR pathogens from our food supply. As a pre-harvest strategy, we investigate new antimicrobials (reduced antibiotic/post-antibiotic phase out view) to eliminate these foodborne bacteria of zoonotic importance in poultry and strive towards translating our research activities to developing innovative approaches or refining existing methods. We also investigate post-harvest interventions, with focus on phytochemicals and the emerging, to improve the microbiological safety of poultry meat and eggs. Engaging our team in this dynamic process, we plan to improve human food safety from the ‘One Health’ perspective.

We believe that our contribution is important and valuable to the existing and emerging body of knowledge to make our food supply safer. We partner with the industry, researchers at the University of Minnesota and other land-grant universities and federal researchers in this effort. We focus on four broad objectives to achieve our food safety mission.

  1. Systems and mechanistic thinking for developing interventional models to eliminate multidrug-resistant (MDR) bacteria from food animal gut.
  2. Applying strategies to alleviate MDR pathogen-induced perturbations in the gut environment.
  3. Understanding the mechanisms of perturbation alleviation using omics technologies for translation into applicable fields.
  4. Improving post-harvest microbiological safety and quality of poultry meat and eggs.

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2017 Issue 1 – October Update